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Keep IUJAT Members Working

KEEP IUJAT WORKING is a program in which members of IUJAT are encouraged to purchase goods and services from IUJAT employers and receive special members-only discounts. Together we can help safeguard each others’ future; by helping IUJAT employers thrive, you help fellow members—and save money.

It’s easy to do—for instance, if you heat your home with oil, buy your oil from an IUJAT employer and have it delivered by your fellow members; if you need to purchase a car or have your car serviced, support an IUJAT shop where IUJAT members will do the work; in turn, when our members require the services or goods your shop provides, we will refer them to you whenever possible.

As an added incentive, the IUJAT businesses you patronize will provide IUJAT member-only discounts. Our union has such a large and diverse group of employers that you may be surprised at the array of services available and businesses that participate. Please urge your employer to participate, as keeping youremployer’s business thriving helps to protect your future. All employers are welcome. And, since our employers are so diverse, we are able to refer members to a very broad range of discounted services and products.

Please support your union and the jobs of all IUJAT members by participating in this program.
When you are in need of a particular service or product, we will refer you to participating IUJAT employers in your area. To learn more about the participating companies in your area, or to participate in the program, please contact

Jessica Lago: 718-658-4848 ext. 1261
or email:

Going into HOME HEATING OIL SEASON, consider calling us to find an IUJAT supplier. Your fellow union members will deliver your heating oil, provide oil burner service, and you will get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT on posted OIL RATES as well as a FREE SERVICE AGREEMENT!

automobile sales & service • retail tires • auto glass • marine, boat & pool • home heating oil service • residential & commercial air conditioning • electrical installation & service • plumbing & heating • alarm systems & home security • roofing • flooring • concrete & nikolok pavers • ambulette service • nursing homes • disability law firms • printing • signs • movers • charter buses • carting & sanitation service • and many more!