Latest Union Updates:

New UBenefit from BJ's!


Has A Special Membership Offer For: 

IUJAT Members Employees, Families, and Friends  

3 Great Reasons to Join or Renew

  1. SAVE $15 off the Basic Membership fee of $50 (now just $35.00) or BJ’S Rewards (2% back) – $25.00 off the fee of $100.00 (now just $75.00)

  2. Enjoy one extra month’s membership (13 months versus the usual 12 months)*

  3. FREE Second Membership Card for a household member

  • Gas Savings
  • Manufacturers Coupons
  • Most Accepted Payment Methods
  • Up to 30% off conventional store pricing
  • These are just a few of BJ’s membership benefits!

Visit our BJ's Page for your application (English and Spanish)

As an IUJAT member, you and your family are automatically eligible for our discount programs. Visit our BJ's page for more info, a link to IUJAT's exclusive member portal, and your member discount code.

Not a UBenefit member yet? No worries! Click here to sign up. It just takes a minute!