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New UBenefit! Pro-TEC—Tool & Equipment Insurance Coverage


Your Livelihood’s On The Line!

If something happens to your automotive tools—like loss or damage from fire, theft or flood—are you prepared? As a professional technician or automotive mechanic, your tools are your livelihood. Without them you’re unable to provide for yourself and your family.

Introducing Pro-TEC: Tool & Equipment Insurance Coverage

Pro-TEC’s Automotive Tool Insurance Program—the first of its kind in America—provides you with critical peace of mind in case of catastrophe. There is currently no other insurance like this available to cover loss or damage. Not only that, a Loss of Income allowance included with your policy makes it an indispensable investment in your own future. And did we mention that it's incredibly affordable? Most likely, you pay more for the insurance on the vehicle you drive to work. 

For more info, visit our Pro-TEC page. 

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