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LiveHealth Online--New UBenefit


No waiting room, no need to leave home


Using LiveHealth Online, you can have a private visit with your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

When you’re not feeling well, you want to feel better fast. Or, you may be feeling anxious or having trouble coping on your own and need some support. LiveHealth Online lets you stay home and have a video visit with a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

By using LiveHealth Online, you can 

  • See a board-certified doctor in a few minutes with no appointment. Doctors are available 24/7 to assess your condition and, if it’s needed, they can send a prescription to your local pharmacy. When your own doctor isn’t available, use LiveHealth Online if you have pinkeye, a cold, the flu, a fever, allergies, a sinus infection or another common health condition.
  • Make an appointment with a licensed therapist in four days or less. You can have a video visit with a therapist from home, at work or on the go — evenings and weekend appointments are available too. Appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone, seven days a week. You can get help for anxiety, depression, grief, panic attacks and more.

What will a visit cost?

Your Anthem plan includes benefits for video visits using LiveHealth Online. For medical doctor visits, and a 45-minute therapy session, there will be no cost for IUJAT members and their dependents.

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See a Spanish–speaking doctor with Cuidado Médico on LiveHealth Online

To learn more, visit our LiveHealth Online page.


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