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Help Stop Pay to PLA—A Message from IUJAT's President

Brothers and Sisters,


I write to inform you of an initiative being undertaken by one of the employer associations under contact within our union. The Long Island & New York Mechanical Contractors Association (LINYMCA) has embarked on a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Educational campaign to inform the public about how these unfair agreements are hurting our members and needlessly costing all of us more in taxes to fund public construction projects. This is not just a construction member issue, PLAs are a dollars and cents issue that hurt us all and I encourage you to learn more about how you are being harmed by PLAs, and what you can do about it, by visiting:

Building and Construction Trade unions make huge political donations to get politicians to enter into these agreements that limit work on public projects to their members. They cut out our members, who are every bit as well trained, more productive and efficient and can complete these projects faster and just as safely as the Building Trades. I am talking about securing work for our own hard working, well paid, talented brothers and sisters in the trades while saving millions in needless costs and taxes we all have to pay.

If you want to stop building trade unions and local politicians from entering into these costly PLAs, the politicians that we elect need to hear about it. They need to know there is a good, UNION alternative. The IUJAT needs you to stand up and take action by visiting the website above and clicking the link that allows you to send pre-written letters directly to your state and federal politicians letting them know that you oppose mandated PLAs.

In order to make our voices heard, we need your help by spreading the word! By sharing the website link with family, friends, and co-workers AND joining social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, you will help build awareness of the damaging effects of PLAs and put a stop to them once and for all. Please also like and/or followStop Pay to PLA. By doing so you will help to end an unfair practice, save taxpayer dollars, and help your fellow members working in IUJAT construction trades protect their jobs.

The IUJAT stands united with our members and signatory contractors in this important project. We look forward to working together with our members to create a successful campaign to create more job opportunities for our brothers & sisters and put an end to government mandated PLAs here in New York!

In Solidarity,

Steven R. Elliott, Sr.

International President


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