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The International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades has a lot to celebrate this year as it approaches its 130th Anniversary. It has survived 130 often difficult years when other unions have fallen by the wayside from external pressure and internal strife. They have continued to serve their traditional trade and kept their roots, but have expanded their possibilities for the future. Established on April 27, 1874, as the International Union of Journeymen Horseshoers, the International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades ranks among the very oldest labor organizations in the United States. Pre-dating the American Federation of Labor by 13 years, the IUJAT is the oldest union retaining its original charter.

During its early years, it was called the Heavy Horse Union, and its members worked for master horseshoers who had their own organization. By 1892, there were fifty chartered locals. On July 1, 1893, the IUJAT became affiliated with the American Federation of Labor. By 1928 there were as many as 310 chartered locals. Prior to the advent of the automobile, which changed transportation drastically, the horseshoers were associated with the Teamsters Union. The size of the union decreased considerably over the course of the twentieth century, yet through the determination of its membership, the organization persevered.

Like all trade unions, the IUJAT was formed to benefit the tradesmen. They made progress toward better wages and working conditions by remaining a viable union. The union also benefited the horse owner by providing quality workmanship and guaranteed service at the track. Traditionally, the prospective union horseshoer has been expected to fulfill several requirements. First he must pass an examination which required him to completely hand draw four shoes from bar stock and shoe the horse. On July 18, 2003 Brother Gary Dumas, passed such an examination with flying colors.

The IUJAT today is getting an infusion of lifeblood under the direction of new officers who are overseeing the revitalization of this proud union. The IUJAT now represents workers in many industries throughout the nation. In November 2003, three national unions USW, NPEU and NOITU affiliated with the IUJAT bring the IUJAT's ranks to 50,000 members.

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