IUJAT is an International Union comprised of a number of Direct and National Union Affiliates:


The International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades

contains several directly affiliated local unions that are not part of one of our National Unions. These are locals that were either newly chartered by the international or former independent unions that affiliated with IUJAT so that their members could enjoy the additional benefits and protections of being part of our organization.

The United Service Workers Union

is a National Union representing approximately 40,000 workers in many diverse industries throughout the United States with offices in its home state of New York, as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Florida. USWU offers superior union representation; with collective bargaining agreements that frequently set the standards for their industries, USWU members enjoy excellent compensation, benefits, and working conditions as well as aggressive defense of their rights through the grievance and arbitration process. Because of this, USWU's membership numbers remain stable even during downturns in the economy.

The United Public Service Employees Union

is a public sector National Union committed to providing professional, on-site representation, superior negotiations, and adherence to democratic principles for the benefit of its members and their families. Representing over 28,000 public sector workers, UPSEU's locals are among the fastest growing unions in the Northeast. With roots dating back 30 years,  UPSEU's local unions have consistently maintained a commitment to providing the best level of representation available to public employees in the country.

The National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions

is a formerly independent National Union that represents 7,000 industrial workers in a variety of fields and classifications. NOITU’s objective is to organize workers who want to improve their standard of living and job security, secure benefits, eliminate oppression where it exists, and ensure a decent, respectful working environment. It is a labor union that offers advantages to industrial workers that cover a broad spectrum of protective services, enabling its members to enjoy a more dignified and secure lifestyle.

The Home Healthcare Workers of America

is a national union representing home healthcare workers who have joined together to achieve better wages, benefits, and working conditions in their industry. Home Healthcare Workers of America represents tens of thousands of workers in the Tri-State area who have gained job security, protection from unfair termination, guaranteed pay, time off, and benefits. HHWA represents the fastest growing segment of the IUJAT, making the HHWA one of the most successful national unions in the country. 

Want to become an affiliate of the IUJAT?

As the most enduring and innovative union in the nation, the advantages of belonging to the IUJAT are numerous. We offer exciting opportunities for new affiliates to get all the benefits of belonging to a strong international with none of the drawbacks. Your autonomy will be preserved as an IUJAT affiliate.  We invite prospective affiliates to weigh our history, reputation, and our accomplishments. Our philosophy and our record of success speak for themselves. We welcome you to explore the advantages of joining the IUJAT family.

For more information or to speak to an IUJAT representative, please contact our office at:

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