Forging a New Future for American Labor

As the oldest union in continuous existence in the United States, the International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades (IUJAT) is the embodiment of both tradition and innovation in the labor movement. Relying on the core principles and values that have kept it strong since 1874, as well as creating a modern, innovative approach to representation in a rapidly changing world, the IUJAT has thrived—when many other unions have become obsolete—because it understands and meets the needs and challenges of the American worker in a modern economy.



IUJAT is an International Union comprised of a number of Direct and National Union Affiliates:


Unions Matter


We all have a stake in the economy and in the future. And most working people share the same basic concerns: they want job security; a voice in their workplace — in deciding their wages, hours, and benefits; they want safe working conditions; and they want to be treated with respect.

Workers need a way to speak up for their common interests, negotiate the terms of their employment, and, when necessary, to have a system for resolving problems. Working people don't always have the voice they need in the workplace or the tools necessary to resolve these issues alone.

That's why unions matter. That's where we come in.



From comprehensive healthcare, to the security offered by our IUJAT 401(k) Plan, to our constantly expanding UBenefit member services and savings programs—and much more—the IUJAT has made a broad range of opportunities and benefit programs available, always with the needs of our union members in mind.

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