A strong workforce is the foundation of our economy and the nation itself. IUJAT’s local unions represent members in a wide range of industries and occupations, and this broad distribution across industries and our comprehensive philosophy keeps our approach to organizing, negotiation, and representation fresh, focused, yet flexible.

We are successful because we understand the changing needs of businesses and workers in the modern marketplace. We have the experience to provide innovative representation that is up to the challenges of a diversified and rapidly evolving economy.

Businesses depend on their workers in order to thrive and remain competitive, while workers depend upon their employer remaining viable and profitable. With IUJAT, workers and employers both enjoy labor peace. Our members work under contracts that set the bar in their industries; they receive fair wages, enjoy security on the job, receive excellent benefit packages, and have experienced, professional representation.




The IUJAT has been representing auto technicians for over 60 years, and understands the automotive business along with the challenges and opportunities it presents. Our organization represents more automotive workers in the tri-state area than all of our competitors combined and is proud to have a reputation for negotiating fair contracts. IUJAT values productivity and strives to keep labor disputes at bay. Productivity is high among workers who are treated fairly; as a result, profits are also high among these employers.




IUJAT’s construction division has grown rapidly in recent years, providing a cost-effective, high-quality workforce capable of completing jobs on time and on budget. Our signatory contractors do their own hiring and our apprentices and journeymen have full-time, year-round employment with the same employers. With IUJAT, there are no hiring halls, furloughs or other antiquated and costly work rules. Our members enjoy steady employment, first-rate representation, fair wages, and access to excellent benefits.




The IUJAT and its affiliates are on an industry-wide campaign to promote dignity and respect for workers in the transportation industry. We represent workers at several larger transportation companies across the nation. Our members earn more per hour, plus benefits, than many of their peers, working under contracts that protect their rights, seniority and job security, and guarantee annual pay raises.



IUJAT represents workers in many diverse service-related industries. We understand the needs of our nation's indispensable service workers and have experience in negotiating first-rate contracts in the industry. Our members' rights are guaranteed and as members of IUJAT they receive some of the best representation and benefits available.


Public Sector

IUJAT represents thousands of public sector workers throughout the tri-state area. Our local unions are committed to providing our dedicated public servants with professional, on-site representation, superior negotiations, and adherence to democratic principles which ensure the integrity of the union for the benefit of our members, their families, and our communities.



IUJAT’s Energy Division has evolved from one of our oldest jurisdictions – home heating oil delivery and service. Today, within this dynamic industry, our members in home heating oil, gasoline, propane delivery, green energy, and commercial and residential boiler service work under contracts that set the standard in their fields, benefiting from a union with superior experience and knowledge in their industry.


Some of Our Members’ Industries:

Automotive  •  Transportation  •  Construction  •  Home Heating Oil Service  •  HVAC  •  Electrical  •  Plumbing & Heating  •  Building Maintenance  •  Carting & Sanitation   •   Alarm Systems & Security  •  Public Sector  •  Manufacturing & Industrial  •  Production & Maintenance  • Nursing Homes • Law Firms • Printing • Signs • And More!